Ornamental plants

African lily

Latin name - Agapanthus africanus

African lily is a very beautiful and decorative evergreen garden plant that does not tolerate cold. It is suitable for slightly acidic or neutral soil with organic elements. It is planted in autumn, and blooms from July to September.



Latin name - Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is a perennial plant that grows in the form of a semi-spherical bush. The stems are upright, branched, bushy and dense, 30-100 cm high. The color of the flower is purple, and it blooms in summer. It suits alkaline and neutral soils.



Latin name - Helichrysum italicum

Immortelle is an aromatic and medicinal herb in the form of a semi-bush. The branched stem grows up to 60 cm high, thus forming woody, prostrate or erect plants. The leaves are sessile, oblong and narrow and light green to gray in color. They bloom from April to July, and the flowers are tubular, yellow, about 4 mm long, collected in small flower heads with a diameter of 2-4 mm. Dry and sandy soil rich in silica suits it.



Latin name - Viburnum tinus

Viburnum makes a nice informal, winter-flowering evergreen hedge. It is dense and bushy, with medium to dark green glossy leaves and a mass of pink buds that become white flowers and last for a very long period from late winter to early spring. The soil prefers clay and moist places. It grows approximately 45 cm per year, up to 7 meters in height and up to 3 meters in length.
They bloom from January to July, and the fruit is egg-shaped and dark blue in color.



Latin name - Myrtus communis „Tarentina“

Myrtle is a bushy plant that can grow up to 5 meters in height. It consists of several weak twigs on which there are egg-shaped leaflets. Fragrant white flowers bloom from June to August. The fruit is a juicy blue bean, 5-7mm in diameter.