Experimental plantations

In cooperation with the project house “In-Aqua” we have created a project/experimental lawn with a surface area of 200 m2 in Rovinj, which ensures a reduced use of irrigation water by up to 70%. Besides New York and Dubai, Rovinj has become the third city in the world to receive the green light to create an experimental lawn. The company “Knauf” offered the necessary material that was needed. The method of operation and the acquisition of materials are more expensive than 30-35% and the return of the investment itself is within 5-7 years, which is exceptionally fast in the “agricultural calendar.” The point is in the substrate, that is, the soil in which the mineral (stone) wool is placed, which is also a natural material, and apart from accumulating water, it also ensures its capillary rise through the substrate. The final result is the reduction in water use by 70% compared to the average, and the need for irrigation is diluted and there is a need for irrigation every 3-4 days. There is also a reduction in the need for land, which also affects the cost reduction. With this whole method of laying the lawn, we also influence the protection of the environment, in a way that reduces the need to spend natural resources, such as land and water, especially in the context of a number of ecological and climate change.

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