Ground covers


Latin name - Cotoneaster horizontalis

Cotoneaster is an ornamental plant with white and pink flowers, which later develop into red berries that remain on the branches for a long time.
It needs very little water to grow. It is planted in light soil in a shady place, not in direct sunlight. It tolerates drought and shade well. Dry and damaged branches are pruned in the spring.


Box-leaved honeysuckle or privet honeysuckle

Latin name - Lonicera pileata

Box-leaved honeysuckle or privet honeysuckle is an evergreen and broad-leaved plant of an intense green color that does not bloom. It is resistant to temperatures down to -23C. It is recommended to plant 4-6 plants per one square meter.


Cooper's Ice Plant

Latin name - Delosperma cooperi

Coopers Ice Plant spreads very quickly, thus creating large densely covered surfaces. The leaves are triangular in shape and are located on green branches. The flowers are pink, 3-5 cm in diameter. It thrives on poor soil and likes neutral to slightly alkaline soil.
It is good for ground bonding.



Latin name - Pachysandra terminalis

It is one of the few plants that will grow in winter and in deep shade. Evergreen leaves tend to turn brown when grown in full sun. It grows very fast. It prefers moist soil, well supplied with organic matter.