Rasadnik Darko

Founded in 1981 with a clear vision of Darko Trojanović – the production of eco-seedlings of native olive varieties and other native plants.

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After several decades of successful work, family business grew into the Trojanović d.o.o., a company managed and led by Gordan Trojanović, B.Sc. ing. of agronomy. Today, the nursery offers more than 40,000 seedlings of indigenous olive varieties and about 40 species of fruit trees, citrus trees, various types of hedges, bushes, ground covers, ornamental plants, climbing trees and trees. The activity is also expanding in the field of green area design, irrigation and innovation in horticulture.
Everything that is currently missing in the offer is possible to purchase and deliver.

Dizajniranje vrtova i parkova

Production and sales

You will not fail either to decide for native seedlings from our production or for planting material of top-quality suppliers of verified quality.



In the Mediterranean climate, maintaining a garden or a fresh grass carpet is a potential challenge, but this is precisely why innovative irrigation systems exist.


Design and maintenance

If you need ideas or advice at the planning stage or specific help with planting and decorating your garden, yard or property do contact us with confidence. We offer you knowledge and machinery.



Seedlings production

The seedlings are produced in 10 tunnels of 250 m2, with a total area of 1,6 ha with a team of 14 experts. Indigenous olive varieties such as Buža, Istarska bjelica, Puntoža and Rosignola are produced here.
Proizvodnja sadnica
Prodaja sadnog materijala

Sale of planting material

In nursery Darko, you will find a large assortment of tree seedlings, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, plants and herbs, aromatic plants, fruit trees, flowers for planning your garden and yard or public parks and walkways.

Inovation / Smart Green

In the nursery Darko, you will find a large assortment of tree seedlings, ornamental shrubs, herbs, aromatic plants, fruit trees, flowers. Everything that is necessary to decorate the garden or yards, public parks and walkways.
Inovacije /Smart Green
Dizajn i održavanje

Design and maintenance

Investments in mechanization and horticultural landscaping experts have provided the expansion of activities in the design of solutions for private and public gardens and homesteads, and numerous mechanisation enables the realization of ideas to reality.