1. Plant the lemon, tangerine, orange or grapefruit at the depth at which it was purchased (max. 5 cm deeper). In the beginning, plant the seedling in a smaller container (about 30 liters), and after 3, 4 years, replace it with a larger one. You can also plant tangerine in the ground, and to some extent grapefruit in a protected place.
  2. Fertilize the land in which you plant moderately with organic fertilizer if possible and avoid land with an increased presence of carbonates. If yellowing of the leaves occurs, add one of the preparations such as Sequestrene, Rexsene, Zelena galica, etc.
  3. During the growing season (April/September), water the plant frequently and moderately, keep it in the sun for most of the day and feed moderately (April-June) with complex fertilizer.
  4. Your seedling is grafted onto a special poncirus trifoliata substrate, which allows it to withstand a bit more cold, so it can survive shocks up to: lemon -6C, mandarin -12C, orange -9C, grapefruit -11C.
  5. During the winter, keep the plant at a temperature of 0C to +7C in a bright place. At higher temperatures in winter, the leaves may drop, so move the plant to a cooler area immediately. The leaves are usually renewed in the spring.
  6. In the first years of cultivation, reduce the number of fruits in order for the plant to develop normally.